Blerpy Darp Derp

Fun weekend. Did two shows at Comedy Off Broadway in Oakland, which continues to grow and get better and better. Had a really fun set on Thursday that I was tempted to post up (audio only) but after 90 minutes of farting around with audio embedding sites I’ve lost the burning desire to do so.

And Saturday night after the show at CoBo, I went to the Dark Room in the Mission - home of the bestest burritos in the world - and caught “Keane Wolf.” The above picture was taken after the show, as we all ridiculed Joe Gorman for being a little too intoxicated and having to spend the bulk of the show fighting off nappytime.

Some more fun coming up: Layover tomorrow, Our Little Theater shows this weekend and more on the way, including an appearance at Joey After Dark at the end of the month (final Saturday of September).

As for right now, I’m at my final Monday at the current job. One week from now I fully intend to be sleeping off a helluva night spent at the Punchline and karoake madness that follows. In the meantime…bleh.

Aug 30. 2 Notes.


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